What floates your boat: Jasper Nijland

In this series we talk about personal taste, with Jasper Nijland aka Jazzy Jasper. Dj, music blogger, Redlight radio resident, vinyl collector, music researcher, booking agent.




What is your personal style signifier

Not a big fan of rain, so I always hold on to my green raincoat.


Places that inspire you
Amsterdam obviously. People raise their eyebrows when I tell them this, but one of the places that inspires me the most is the highway between Amsterdam and Leiden. Brings nostalgic feelings as I spend a lot of time shuttling there as a kid. On a more exotic tip I’d say La Gomera is a place that really brought me peace of mind. On a french tip I truly dig the Provence.


The best souvenir you brought home
Loads of cider from a supermarket in the Ardennes.


The best book you read past year
I haven’t finished a book in ages. I mostly read non fiction stuff about music. David Byrne’s How Music Works is very interesting.


A recent find
I buy a lot of records so it’s hard to point out one. I really enjoy an album by Chas Jankel called Chasanova!


The last item of clothing added to your wardrobe
Some pants. And some Nike SB Blazers.


The best gift given recently
Two tickets to the Seu Jorge concert, who’s going to perform his portugese covers of Bowie songs (Life Aquatic).


Best one received
A very lovely waxcoat my girl gave me.


The one artist you would collect if you could
Bob Ross.


The best meal that truly inspired you
I was at this friend’s houseparty where they did DIY burrito’s, one friend brought some watermelon salad to put on. It was awesome and it inspired me to dig into the mexican kitchen vibes.


The grooming staple your neven without
I will grow dreads real fast I don’t brush my hair on a half day basis. So I guess it’s fair to say I really need my brush!


Your favorite websites and apps
The best website ever is Boohbah Zone, second would be Discogs (for music nerds). Concerning apps, I’m not ashamed to say Pokemon Go really floats my boat. And if I’m tired of it I return to the mind relaxing Two Dots.


Do you have a ritual ( morning run, wine with lunch etc.)
I wish I did, wine with lunch seems like a nice goal.


What tech. Do you carry on a trip
Depends on where I’m going. If I’d go on a holiday I’d probably only take my camera (Canon G10 or disposable cam) and on short trips I bring my Ipad.


What is your go to drink
BEER. Brown rum combo’s also go.



You can find Jaspers radio show on

Redlightradio.net and mixcloud

His music blog: jazzyjasper.com