Sock season has begun


With the drop of temprature.

and early sundowns  falling leaves and pouring rain. 

Autumn has hit us all after a beautiful summer. But dont think this season sucks ’cause its cold and wet. These couple of months nature shows its beauty, with the change of coulours.


With this weather your feet will get cold if you choose to go sockless so why not get your self a pair of awesome socks? Spijk socks are timeless so you can stack up for the comming seasons and ad them to your staple. With the fun of comming home after a hard days work, throw your shoes in the corner and see to your suprise your feet are bright.

And if it gets colder normal socks don’t cut it so in adittion to that we also offer knee high dressocks for suit wearers and low tempratures, to prepare you for winter.

So don’t worry if its raining cats an dogs, the wind is blowing in your face and you get slapped by leaves. Spijk will help you keep your feet warm in the most elegant way!

God bless and wear socks