Our single sock service

Spijk’s socks are
happy socks paired togetter in our factory as an everlasting couple. Sadly the life of a sock is a hard one, with many obstacles to keep your feet warm and happy: wet shoes, slippery surface, sweaty feet, long toe nails, exhoustion, sneakers, stuffy dress shoes, maby worse bowling shoes! But the worst part of a socks life is the washing machine and the arch enemy, the dryer.

That are the two places were our favorite pair of socks loses eachother for ever in a place full of water, foam and air. After you discover the great loss and find a sad and loneley sock, a man dies a little inside and is desparate to replace the missing sock. But where to turn and who to call? 

Our main goal as a deparment is to help lonley socks to find happiness and warm your feet again

At spijk we found a sollution to this everlasting problem and created a department for lonley socks. Here you can order a single sock online to complete your pair again and have happy socks and feet.

we asked our head of department  how they cope with the loneley socks.

” Our main goal as a department is to help loneley socks to find happyness and warm your feet” it is a harsh world out there but for every single sock there is a partner waiting to sock up the pain of lonleynes. Now that winter is comming socks need to team up to fight the cold!

If you lost your sock do not hesitate  and order a single sock now!

Photo credits:

original: Osteria Francescana

model: Massimo Bottura

edit: spijk creative department

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